15 Reasons Books Are the Best Friends You’ll Ever Have

If you’re reading this it must be because you love books as much as I do. You take books everywhere you go, belong to book clubs, and your idea of heaven is a  quiet day alone with a bottle of wine or pot of coffee and a good book. I get it, I really do. Because when it comes down to it, there’s no better friend than a good book.

15 Reasons Books are the Best Friends You’ll Ever Have

1. You’re never lonely with a book in your hand

Reading a book

With a book, you’re not sitting alone at a park or restaurant, nor are you crying into your pillow because you’re sitting home with nothing to do. With a book you’re never alone and never lonely, its characters are your friends – taking you on a new adventure.

2. Books will go anywhere with you

Reading book in car

Books are portable. They’ll join you on your morning commute, or a long plane ride. They enjoy a ride in the car, a trip to the beach, and and will even wait with you in line. Books are good, patient friends, and will never ask “are we there yet?”

3. Books don’t judge

Self help animated gif

Books don’t care what you’re wearing and if you put on a few pounds they’ll keep it silently to themselves. They won’t talk behind your back about your bad parenting skills, and won’t think you’re a slut if you’re out all night. Books will always offer advice, but only if you ask.

4. Books comfort you when you’re sick

Reading in bed

Books can’t always cure what ails you, but they’re not afraid of germs or cooties. They’ll gladly sit by your bedside in quiet comfort, or give you attention as needed.

5. Books will come with you the bathroom

Hank reading on the toilet

Books y will close their eyes and close their ears, but keep you amused during the length of your stay in the john.

6. Books will stay up all night with you

Audrey Hepburn

When you can’t sleep, books will get your through your insomnia. They don’t get tired and aren’t afraid of the dark.

7. Books don’t mind waking up early

Reading a book in the morning

Books don’t curse you when you set the alarm early, and they won’t yawn in your face when you’re together. They’re happy to share the sunrise.

8. Books teach without lecturing

Bette Midler Reading

Books are happy to share advice, but they always do so in the nicest way possible. They don’t yell, harangue, nag or lecture. They’ll even kindly stop talking when you’ve had enough.

9. Books make you laugh

Mathilda Gif

Nothing can lift one’s spirits like a good book. They cheer the mood, soothe the soul, and cause hearty guffaws and belly laughs. Books always know exactly what you need.

10. Books can make you cry but in the best possible way

Regina George Crying

Books understand when you shed a sad tear when a beloved character passes away and don’t roll their eyes when you cry over a happy ending. A good book isn’t ashamed to appeal to your sensitive nature.

11. Books take you anywhere you want to go

She read about the people she could never be

Books take you to magical kingdoms and tropical shores. You can travel through time to both past and future. They introduce you to places and scenes you never imagined possible.

12. Books don’t mind when you share

Feel it

Books love it when you lend them to a friend. They beg to be passed around. They remain loyal, however, and are happy to come home whenever it’s time.

13. Books don’t mind if you hang out with another book

Bella Swan animated gif

Books don’t get jealous. In fact, their philosophy is “the more the merrier.” They’ll gladly move over or step aside for another book.

14. Books don’t get angry if you take a break

REading a book animated gif

Books understand if you need to put them aside for a while. They know they can be too slow or intense sometimes. They’re loyal though, and are always  happy to pick up where you left off as if you were never away.

15. Books are the perfect gift

Sam reading a book


There’s a book out there for everyone. All interests, genres, shapes and sizes. Electronic books, audio books, paper backs and hardcover. When you give a book, you give the gift of friendship.


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