19 Times Hermione Granger Saved the Day So Harry Potter Could Prevail

Very few people can deny Hermione Granger’s heroism in the Harry Potter books. In fact, without her, Harry Potter might not have been able to come out victorious in his ultimate battle of good vs. evil against Lord Voldemort. Without Hermione’s book smarts, ability to think outside the box, and unwavering loyalty, Harry Potter’s quest to obliterate He Who Must Not Be Named might not have been so successful.

We’re not here to take anything away from Ron Weasley or Harry Potter himself,  indeed they are both brave and heroic.  There’s nothing wrong with getting by with a little help from your friends, either. Rather, we’re here to suggest that Hermione Granger played a major role in making it possible for Harry Potter to defeat the Dark Lord and take his place among the most famous wizarding heroes in history.

Hermione Granger isn’t an unlikely heroine, though. Sure, she’s Muggle born, and came off at first as a bit of a knowitall busybody, but she also possesses all the elements of a true leader. She’s well read, intelligent, and a critical thinker straight out of the gate. Hermione’s heroism is no accident, she had it in her all along. She’s human and not without her faults, yet she embraces her faults as she knows they contribute to her strength. Hermione Granger knows magic can’t save everything, and the best tool is not a wand, but a brain. What’s more, Hermione doesn’t need a boyfriend to prove she’s important.

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In a world filled with Kardashians, Hiltons and Real Housewives, thank goodness we have Hermione Granger to show us what  makes a true role model – intelligence, bravery, loyalty, and not being afraid to speak your mind or be true to yourself.

Well done, Jo Rowling.

Warning: Book spoilers ensue.

19 Times Hermione Granger Saved the Day

1. When she found Nicholas Flamel in that giant book

Hermione Granger Big Book

Thank goodness for a little light reading. If Hermione Granger hadn’t read about Nicholas Flamel, the trio might not have realized the Sorcerer’s Stone’s true purpose.

2. When she taught Harry and Ron how to wingardiem leviosa

Hermione Granger Wingardiem Leviosa

Oh sure. It can be a pain to have some know it all you just met on the train tell you how to wave your wand. Still, if not for Hermione’s teaching Ron and Harry to LeviOsa, that big, old bathroom troll might have done them in.

3. When she remembered the rhyme about devil’s snare

Hermione Granger Devil's Snare

If not for Hermione, Harry and Ron might still be caught up in Devil’s Snare.

4.When she made polyjuice potion

Hermione Granger Polyjuice potion

When the trio needed to get into Slytherin to question Draco Malfoy about being the Heir to Slytherin in Chamber of Secrets, it was Hermione who had the idea to make polyjuice potion to hide their real identities. It worked well for a first timer too – except for that unfortunate cat hair business.

5. When she froze the pixies

Hermione Granger Immobulus

Perhaps the pixie incident has no bearing on the whole Voldemort thing, but it did prove that Hermione Granger was not someone who hides under tables or beats pixies about with a book. Indeed, knowing the proper spell saved the entire class from pixies run amok, and Hermione was the only one to take action.

6. When she was petrified and still managed to save the day

Hermione Petrified

Need we remind everyone that not only was Hermione able to figure out there was a basilisk roaming beneath the boy’s washroom, but she managed to convey that information while petrified?

7. When she turned back time

Harry Potter time turner

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione didn’t let the issue of time keep her from her studies. Having a time turner to enable her to take classes in the past came in handy when it came to saving Buckbeak’s neck – literally. This led to a chain of events culminating in Sirius Black’s rescue from the Dementor’s Kiss.

8. When she helped Harry practice his summoning charm

Accio Firebolt

In Goblet of Fire, Harry knew his best bet for defeating his dragon – a sinister Hungarian Horntail – was to speed through the air on his broom to grab the golden egg. However, his summoning charm was a little shaky. Thanks to Hermione’s help, he was able to pull it off, summon his broom, and complete the task at hand.

9. When she took care of Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter

It was Hermione who discovered Rita Skeeter was an animagus, and an unregistered one at that! As a beetle, Rita was able to listen in on conversations and or accept information from Draco Malfoy. Hermione took care of this little problem by jarring up Ms. Skeeter and setting her out of the way for a while.

10. When she organized Dumbledore’s Army

Dumbledore's Army

In Order of the Phoenix, When Delores Umbridge made it clear Defense Against the Dark Arts no longer meant students would learn how to protect themselves from the evils of dark magic, it was Hermione Granger who not only had the idea of meeting somewhere in secret to practice, but she convinced Harry to lead. Moreover, it was she who had the idea of using coins to summon the D.A. when they’re needed. As you know, this played a major role in both Half Blood Prince and  Deathly Hallows….but we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. More on that later.

11. When she was stern with Grawrp

Hermione Granger put me down now

Is there anything more badass than a girl who isn’t afraid to tell a  giant, in no uncertain terms, to put her down? By being firm with Grawp, she was able to form a bit of a motherly bond, putting Hagrid’s mind at ease as he went away. There were more important implications to this bond, however, as her relationship with Grawpy gave Hermione the courage and means to take care of another nasty matter…

12. When she led Delores Umbridge into the forest

I will have order

By pretending to show Delores Umbridge Dumbledore’s secret weapon – supposedly hidden in the Forbidden Forest – Hermione was able to buy time for Harry to use the Floo Network to see if Sirius Black was safe. When Delores was taken away by the centuars, it enabled Dumbledore’s Army to hop on the threstrals and rush to Ministry of Magic where they were hoping to rescue Sirius Black.

13. When she erases herself from her parent’s memory


Perhaps in the most selfless act of all, Hermione eradicated herself from her parents’ memory and moved them to Australia, where they would be safe from Death Eaters and Voldemort.

14. When she packs all the things in her tiny, magic bag

Hermione's Purse

It was Hermione who understood the importance of being prepared. By charming a small beaded evening bag to become a bottomless Mary Poppins bag, she was able to have all the tools needed to survive after they escaped from Death Easters at Bill and Fleur’s wedding.

15. When she packs the portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black

Portraits in Dumbledore's Office

By having the foresight to pack the Phineas Nigellus Black’s portrait that originally hung at 12 Grimaldi Place, Hermione was ensuring the Black in the painting couldn’t travel to his portrait in Snape’s office and rat out their whereabouts. Having the portrait also aided them in their mission as it gave them insight into what was happening at Hogwarts.

16. When she shields them with enchantments

Hermione Granger Protective Enchantments

Thanks to Hermione’s protective enchantments, she, Harry and Ron were able to hide out from bounty hunters and figure out the horcrux thing in relative safety.

17. When she makes Harry’s face all puffy

Hermione Granger Stinging Jinx

When Hermione, Harry and Ron unwittingly ran into the snatchers, the last thing anyone needed was for them to know they caught Harry Potter and company. So Hermione used the Stinging Jinx to jack up Harry’s face so it was unrecognizable. And it worked – for a little while anyway.

18. When she doesn’t give in to torture

Bellatrix and Hermione

Hermione was so loyal to the cause, she didn’t give up information after they were all captured – even when Bellaxtrix Lestrange tortured her using the Cruciatus Curse

19. When she uses the Dumbledore’s Army coins to summon help

Deathly Hallows

The coins Hermione created to alert members of Dumbledore’s Army to meetings came in handy at other times too. In Half Blood Prince Hermione used them to summon whatever members of the D.A. she could after Draco Malfoy let the Deatheaters in. Moreover, Neville Longbottom also used the coins to summon help during the Battle of Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows.

Like a boss, Hermione. Like. A. Boss.

Hermione punching Draco

These were only a few of the ways Hermione was able to save the day so Harry Potter would prevail over Lord Voldemort. Would Harry still emerge the victor if not for his friends?  We’ll save that discussion for another time.

Feel free to share other ways Hermione saved the day here in the comments!

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  1. This makes me want to sit down and read the books all over again.

    “In a world filled with Kardashians, Hiltons and Real Housewives, thank goodness we have Hermione Granger to show us what makes a true role model – intelligence, bravery, loyalty, and not being afraid to speak your mind or be true to yourself.”

    So true. I love Hermione.

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