20 Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Kindle Addicts. If you’re like most, you have a bunch of people to shop for, and coming up with new ideas can be a challenge. We’re here to help you with that a little by sharing some ideas for the book lovers in your life.

Though this site is mostly dedicated to all things Kindle, we’re going to broaden our horizons a bit for the holidays, and share some suggestions for gifts for book lovers. Whether tablet reading, or taking a more traditional route, you’re sure to find something here for your favorite people.

1. Amazon Kindle

With prices starting as low as $79, the Kindle is a bargain. Whether you’re going with the lightweight Paperweight or the Kindle Fire, this is one gift that will give years into the future. Load it up with free Kindle books, or use the Kindle app across a variety of devices including your smart phone. You can even download and borrow library books, or share books with friends. No one is going to walk away disappointed after receiving a Kindle.

2. Book Lover’s Scrabble

Finally! With this version of Scrabble you can use proper nouns including names, book titles, and more.

3. Stack of Books Tissue Box

There aren’t really too many ways to make tissues more attractive, but they are something you want to have on hand. This elegant and attractive tissue dispenser brings a little class to the nose blowing process.

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4. Bookopoly

Host a book lovers’ game night

5. Digital Book Mark

Especially good for kids who need to do timed reading each night.

6. Periodic Table of World Literature

7. Sjoerd van Heumen Book Clock

8. Book Cufflinks

9. Bathtub Book Holder

10. Book Shaped Plates

11. Lit Wit Deck: Trivia Cards to Boost Your Book Smarts

12. eReader Book Light

13. Page Nibs

14. The Hemingway Cookbook

15. Open Book Baking Pans

16. Great First Lines of Literature Mug

17. Antique Book Style Shoulder Bag

18. Zipmark Bookmarks

19. Classic Book iPhone Case

20. Personal Book Embosser