21 Awesome and Creative Bookshelf Ideas

Whether you prefer to the feel of an old paperback or holding a tablet to read an ebook, most book lovers will agree to owning at least a few volumes they can’t possibly bear to part with. Books need a place to go, though, and it can be a challenge to find bookshelves and book storage ideas fitting within your floorplan and/or design scheme.

Fortunately furniture makers and handy homeowners are coming up with some very cool and decorative bookshelf ideas.

If you’re looking for ideas for unique or creative bookshelves, take inspiration from today’s list!

21 Awesome and Creative Bookshelf Ideas

1. Plumbing Pipe Bookshelf

Plumbing Pipes Bookshelf

Repurpose pipes to hold your books. The beauty part of this project is you can keep adding to it.

Found at: Amazon Handmade

2. Book Trees

Booktree Ash
Booktree Ash

Perfect for a kid’s room but grownups will love them too! Book trees display books while adding a conversation piece and design element to the room.

Found at: kdsgn

3. Invisible Book Shelf

Invisible Book Shelf

This quick and easy book project gets books out of the way, but still adds a creative and curious element to their display.

Found at: Instructables

4. Bookshelf Made From an Old Trunk

Bookshelf made from old trunk

The best part about this bookshelf idea is how easy it is how portable it is. If you need to move it to another part of the house, simply close the trunk and carry it to where it needs to go.

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Found at: Amazon Homemade

5. Bookshelf Made from Twigs

Twig bookshelf

If you like your decor on the rustic side, consider using tree branches to display a few volumes.

Spied at: Brit & Co.

6. Upcycled Piano Bookshelf

Piano book case

Trying to figure out what to do with that old piano? Try using it for storage!

Spied at: GlobalCool

7. Reclaimed Pallet Rack Bookshelf

Pallet Bookshelf


This adorable display is perfect for a child’s room.

Found at: Amazon Handmade

8. Reading Between the Lines

Between Lines Bookshelf

It’s more statement piece than bookshelf and we love it.

Found at: WokMedia

9. Equilibrium Book Shelves

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.39.48 AM

Adding a whimsical touch to your reading room.

Found at: Malanga Design

10. Repurposed Swing Shelf

Repurposed Swing Shelf

So simple and creative.

Found at: Amazon Handmade

11. Timeout Bookend

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.10.06 AM

OK, so maybe it’s not a book shelf in the technical sense, but this adorable set of bookends reminds of us what we used to do during out own timeouts – sneak a good book!

Found at: Home Living Style

12. Rustic Round Bookshelf

Round bookshelf

Whether minimalist, shabby chic, or modern, this lovely round bookshelf works with a variety of different design esthetics.

Found at: One King’s Lane

13. The Bathroom Library

Bathroom Library

I would spend hours….

Found at: Just Add Glitter

14. Upside Down Bookshelves

Upside Down Bookshelves

Not only is this upside down bookshelf an awesome conversation piece, but it’s also easy to make.

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Found at: Dornob

15. DIY Rope Shelf

DIY Rope Shelf

Rustic charm!

Found at: Scrap Hacker

16. Construction Spool Bookshelf

Construction Spool Bookshelf

The wheels make is so easy to move!

Found at: Small Town Craft Fair

17. Repurposed Logs Bookshelves

Reclaimed Logs Bookshelves

Another brilliant way to hug a tree!

Found at: De raiz  – design e arte

18. Book Cube with Skateboard Wheels

DIY Book Cub With Skateboard Wheels

Perfect for the littlest sk8ters.

Found at Apartment Therapy.

19: The Book Wagon

The Book Wagon

What a terrific way to repurpose an old wooden wagon or Radio Flyer.

Found at: Attempting Aloha

20. Leather Straps Bookholder

Leather Straps Bookholdr

Found at: nikoeconomidis.com

21. Dream Bookcloud

Dream Bookshelf

Perfect for anyone who gets lost in a good book.

Found at:  Beautiful Life

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