25 Celebrity Authors (And Not Memoirs, Either!)

Did you know many of the people you see on stage and screen are also authors? I don’t mean that they wrote biographies or participated in vanity projects, but rather they are novelists or wrote a book about interests other than themselves.

This afternoon, Books & Chardonnay takes a look at some celebrity authors. Some may even surprise you!

1. Rick Springfield

Magnificent Vibration by Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield is the author of the 2014 novel Magnificent Vibration: A Novel.

2. Ethan Hawke

Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke is the author of 1997’s “The Hottest State” and the 2002 novel “Ash Wednesday,” among others.

3.Lauren Conrad

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is the author of several novels including the L.A. Candy and Fame Game series.

4. Jason Segel

Nightmares by Jason Segel

The “How I Met Your Mother star” is co-authoring a trilogy geared towards helping children face their fears.

5. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson A Tale Out of Luck

Willie Nelson is the co-author of the 2008 novel A Tale Out of Luck.

6. Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando Fan Tan

Marlon Brando‘s pirate novel was published two years after his death.

7. John Travolta

John Travolta Propeller

John Travolta authored his first book “Propeller One-Way Night Coach: A Fable For All Ages ” in 1997.

8.Sharon Osbourne

Revenge by Sharon Osbourne

Revenge is the title of Sharon Osbourne’s 2011 novel.

9. Carrie Fisher

Postcards from the Edge by Carrie fisher

Carrie Fisher is the author of several novels including “Postcards from the Edge,” “The Best Awful,” and “Surrender the Pink.”

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10. Chuck Norris

A Threat to Justice by Chuck Norris

It should surprise no one that Chuck Norris has co-authored a couple of Westerns..

11. Ally Sheedy

Alexandra Elizabeth “Ally” Sheedy wrote “She Was Nice to Mice” in 1977 when she was 12 years old. Sheedy is also the author of “Yesterday I Saw the Sun” a book of poetry published in 1991.

12 Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman is the author of several novels including “Pursuit,”Payback at Morning Peak,” and “Wake of the Perdido Star.”

13. Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffett is the author of several novels including “Where Is Joe Merchant? “,” “A Salty Piece of Land,” and “The Jolly Mon.”

14. Johnny Cash

In 1986, Johnny Cash authored “Man in White” a novel about the Apostle Paul.

15. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s novel “Tarantula” was penned in 1971.

16. James Franco

James Franco is the author of several novels including “Palo Alto: Stories” “Actors Anonymous,” and the poetry collection “Directing Herbert White.”

17. Tim Burton

Tim Burton published Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories Publisher: It Books in 1997.

18. Makauley Culkin

Though it’s classified as a novel, most feel “Junior” is more Macaulay Culkin’s‘s autobiography.

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19. Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie published The Gun Seller in 1998.

20. Janet Leigh

Janet Leigh authored the novels “Dream Factory,” and “House Of Destiny.”.

21. Steve Martin

Wild and crazy guy Steve Martin is the author of “Shopgirl” “An Object of Beauty,” and others.

22. Sylvester Stallone

In 1977 Sylvester Stallone penned Paradise Alley which was subsequently adapted for film.

23. Courtney Thorne-Smith

The former “Melrose Place” actress wrote “Outside In” in 2007.

24. Meg Tilly

Meg Tilly is the author of several books including “Gemma,”“Singing Songs,” and “A Taste of Heaven.”.

25. Mae West

Mae West authored several books and plays..



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