27 Ways Amazon Echo Will Delight Book Lovers

Amazon Echo for Book Lovers

Book lovers, take note. Amazon Echo, affectionately known as Alexa, has your back. In case you thought Alexa didn’t do much more than turn on lights, play music, or tell you the weather, you’ll be pleased to also learn about Amazon Echo‘s literary side.

I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking that there’s no way a talking home assistant can ever replace the feel of a real book – and you’d be right. But then, many of us also said the same thing about Kindles and look at us now. While there’s no denying the warmth and comfort of a well-worn paperback, in this day and age there are many ways to enjoy or discuss books – and there’s no shame in going the electronic route.

Moreover, Amazon Echo isn’t just another way to read books. It opens up a whole other world of literary knowledge.

Intrigued? Read on to learn how Alexa can appeal to your love of literature!

27 Ways Amazon Echo Will Delight Book Lovers

1. Listen to your audio books

“Alexa! Read (Audiobook title)!”

Alexa will read or play your Audible books, and all you have to do is ask. In fact, when you listen to an audiobook via Alexa, you’re saving storage and battery space on your smartphone and other devices. You can even ask your Amazon Echo to pause, resume, and go to another chapter. Pressed for time? Ask Alexa to set a reading timer.

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2. Read from your Kindle Library

“Alexa! Play Kindle Book (Title)!”

When you ask Alexa to play one of your Kindle books, you’re enjoying hands-free reading. Listen to your books while you tackle housework, clean out the garage, work in the garden, take a shower, or make dinner. In a way, you’re listening to an audio book without paying the cost of an audio book. Amazon Echo will pick up where you left off with your traditional reading, and when you’re ready to pick up your tablet again, Kindle will sync to where Alexa left off.

Pro Tip: Use blue tooth earbuds for books you don’t want to share with your family.

3. Access free Kindle Books

“Alexa! Play Kindle Book (Title)!”

Kindle users know there are many ways to access free Kindle books. For example, there’s Kindle First, the service available to Prime subscribers where you can choose one brand new release per month. Amazon Prime subscribers also have access to the free Kindle Owners Lending Library and books family members are reading via family sharing. Moreover, there are thousands of free Kindle books available to all Kindle owners.

In addition to the above-mentioned perks, you can also access the “Free Reads” skill to receive recommendations for free Kindle books each day.

If you don’t already subscribe to Prime, you can sign up for a free trial here.

4. Read to your children

 “Alexa! Play Kindle Book (Title)!”

Though most parents prefer to read to children themselves, there are times when busy moms and dads need five or ten minutes to take care of things at home. Amazon Echo can help! By asking Alexa to read a children’s title, you’re giving yourself a few minutes to do what needs to be done, while keeping the kids occupied in the best possible way.

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5. Book Trivia!

“Alexa! Open book trivia!”

“Alexa! Open book trivia and tell me a book fact!”

Alexa loves to play games, especially trivia games. Test your literary knowledge against hers by asking her to play book trivia. Have a family game night or invite friends over for trivia night…or just ask for a random book fact.

6. Receive Book Recommendations

“Alexa! Open ‘Recommend Me a Book!’ “

“Alexa! Start ‘Recommend Me a Book!’ “

“Alexa! Recommend me a book in (topic)!”

“Alexa! Recommend me a book by (author)!”

Not sure what to read? Alexa can help! Don’t forget, she has access to your Amazon book and Kindle library, so she’s aware of your preferences. Even if you’re not necessarily looking for something new to read, it’s fun to ask and see what Alexa recommends – and if she correctly guesses a book you’d enjoy.

7. Ask Book-Related Questions

“Alexa, who wrote (book title)?”

“Alexa, What are some books by (author)?”

“Alexa, ask ‘Potter Characters’ who Neville Longbottom is!”

Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

Bonus: 20 more book- related Alexa Skills

Check out some of these fun user-generated Alexa Skills for book lovers!

  1. Book trade-in value for Amazon – What will Amazon pay for your used books?
  2. Book Finder – More book recommendations.
  3. Classic Books – Ask Alexa for classic book recommendations.
  4. Good Lines From Famous Books – Book quotes.
  5. Book Buddy – Book overviews.
  6. Good Books – Book recommendations.
  7. Comic Book Guide – A guide to comic books.
  8. Book Suggestion – Even more book recommendations.
  9. Book Openings  – First Lines of Books
  10. Common Book Quotes – Source a quote or learn a new one.
  11. Manly Books – Not a ChickLit in the bunch.
  12. Comic book facts – Trivia for your favorite comics.
  13. Book Info – Find information about specific books, for example, authors, synopsis, ratings, the number of pages, and more.
  14. Book Worm – Book recommendations for specific genres.
  15. Book Events – Learn what book-related activities are happening in your neighborhood.
  16. Classic Book Authors: “Alexa, who wrote Pride and Prejudice?
  17. Best Sellers – Get the latest New York Times best-selling titles.
  18. Famous First Lines Trivia – Test your knowledge.
  19. What Should I Read Next? Alexa has the hookup.
  20. Virtual Librarian – It’s the next best thing to a brick and mortar library!
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