34 Jobs for Book Lovers – January 4, 2017

Jobs for book lovers are becoming more popular and more in demand. I mean, what could be better than reading, creating, or being around books – and getting paid for it? Whether you’d like to find a job reading books, hope to write about books,  or wish to work with books some other way, you might find a good opportunity in today’s list of jobs for book lovers.

Remote Jobs for Book Lovers

Work from home or any location.

  1. Freelance Book Reviewers for Publisher’s Weekly
  2. Freelance Book Reviewer for Kirkus Review
  3. Freelance Book Reviewer for Any Subject Books
  4. Freelance Book Reviewer for The U.S. Review of Books
  5. Freelance Book Reviewers for Online Book Club
  6. Freelance Copywriter for Kirkus Review
  7. Book Editor for Kirkus Review
  8. Final Line Editor for Samhain Publishing
  9. Cover Artists for Samhain Publishing
  10. Senior Book Publicist for Entangled Publishing
  11. Freelance Indexer for ApexCoVantage
  12. Head of Public Relations for Book in a Box
  13. Temporary Content Editor for Kaplan
  14. Part Time Technical Editor for Kaplan
  15. Sales Associate for Poisoned Pen Press
  16. Book Illustrator for Blue Bike Publishing

Submit Book Proposals or Apply to Author Books

  1. Authors Wanted for Zimbell House Publishing
  2. Submit a Proposal to Become a Dummies Author
  3. Textbook Authors Wanted at Sentia Publishing
  4. Book Submissions Wanted for Any Subject Books
  5. Children’s Book Submissions Wanted for SBG Publishing
  6. Authors Wanted at Purple Leaf Publishing
  7. Authors Wanted at Blue Bike Publishing

Location Specific Jobs for Book Lovers

  1. Trade Sales Marketing Manager for Hatchette Book Group (NYC)
  2. Editor for Sterling Publishing (NYC)
  3. Marketing Assistant, Basic Books for Hachette Book Group (NYC)
  4. Publisher’s Assistant for Skyhorse Publishing (NYC)
  5. Associate Marketing Director, Licensing for Penguin/Random House (NYC)
  6. Acquisitions Editor for World Scientific Publishing (Hackensack, NJ)
  7. Digital Marketing Associate for Harper Collins Publishing (Nashville)
  8. Editor for Harper Collins Publishing (Nashville)
  9. Marketing Specialist for Geagua Public Library  (Chardon, OH)
  10. Literacy Specialist for Scholastic (Austin, TX)
  11. Editorial Program Assistant for Wiley Publishing (Hoboken, NJ)

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