50 Interesting Facts About Books


We usually talk about books of the downloaded variety here at Books & Chardonnay, because we love our gadgets. Still, it’s always good to remember that reading is reading no matter how you want to do it.  Today we are going to celebrate just that while having a little fun in the process.


1. Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” was originally to be called “First Impressions.”

2. It’s rumored that J.R.R. Tolkein typed “The Lord of the Rings” using only two fingers.

3. Isaac Asimov, the famed Science Fiction author, is the only author to have books published in all 10 Dewey Decimal categories.

4. The first book bought at Amazon.com was “Fluid Concepts And Creative Analogies: Computer Models Of The Fundamental Mechanisms Of Thought.

5. Suzanne Collins, best known for authoring the “The Hunger Games Trilogy,” was also a writer for the children’s series “Clarissa Explains All.”

6. Dr. Seuss first book was rejected by over 20 publishers.

7. One copy of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle is sold, on average, once every minute.

8.H.A. and Martha Rey fled Paris in 1940 before the Nazi invasion. They had the original manuscript for “Curious George in their possesion.

9. E.B. White, best known for authoring “Charlotte’s Web,” is also the “White” of the famed “Strunk and White,” authors of what is commonly referred to as the “Writer’s Bible,” “The Elements of Style.”.

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10.Bilbo Baggins was born September 22, 1290.

11. Dr. Seuss wrote “Green Eggs and Ham on a dare. His editor challenged him to write a book using fewer than 50 different words.

12. The famed fictional city of Oz was named after the “O-Z” drawers of L.Frank Baum‘s file cabinet.

13. America’s first public library was opened in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1698.

14. Tiny Tim, the sickly boy in Charles DickensA Christmas Carol,” had other names before settling on the one published. “Small Sam” and “Puny Pete” were also considered.

15. The original title of “Fahrenheit 451 was “The Fireman.”

16. A parrot uttering “Nevermore?” That was Edgar Allan Poe‘s original intention.

17. “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ” is said to be the first book written on a typewriter.

18. A “librocubiculturist” is someone who likes to read in bed.

19. “Abilbliophobia” is the fear of running out of things to read.

20. J.K. Rowling was the first author to become a billionaire from writing books.

21.The word “dude” was made up by Oscar Wilde and some of his friends. It combines the words “dud” and “attitude.”

22.Iceland boasts more writers, books published, and books read per head than any other country.

23. J.K. Rowling killed off Remus Lupin and Nymphodora Tonks to remind readers of the children who are left without parents because of war.

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24. Sting wrote “Every Breath You Take” on the same desk Ian Fleming used to write his “James Bond” novels.

25. D.H. Lawrence liked to climb mulberry trees naked in order to stimulate his thoughts.

26. Charles Dickens was quite superstitious and only wrote facing North. In fact, he carried a compass with him at all times to ensure he was facing in the right direction wherever he wrote.

27. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was banned in China where they don’t believe in giving animals the power to talk and do other human things.

28. The founders of Starbucks Coffee took their name from a character in “Moby-Dick.”

29. The film “Apocalypse Now” is based on Josepeh ConradHeart of Darkness.”

30. Daniel Defoe changed his last name from “Foe” to “DeFoe” in 1703. The “Robinson Crusoe” author felt “DeFeo” to be “more socially and upward” sounding than his original name.

31. In Lima, Peru, there is a large brass statue dedicated to Winnie the Pooh.

32. In “Alice in Wonderland” the Cheshire Cat is the only character Alice calls “friend.”

33. The “50 Shades” series was originally written as “Twilight” fan fiction called “Master of the Universe.”

34. The original tile for “Of Mice and Men” was “Something That Happened.”

35. The “Harry Potter” series are the most banned books in America.

36. The first dictionary took Noah Webster 25 years to write.

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37. Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed on screen more times than any other literary character.

38. The first book to be considered a best seller was “Fools of Nature written by Alice Brown in 1889.

39. Alexandre Dumas wasn’t the only author of “The Three Musketeers,”he hired a ghostwriter to help out.

40. The last four “Harry Potter” consecutively set records as the fastest selling books in history.

41. The most highlight Kindle book of all times is The Bible.

43. “Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is the second most highlighted Kindle book.

44. “The Hunger Games “ is the third most highlighted Kindle book.

45.Stephen King co-wrote a musical with musician John Mellencamp called “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.”.

46. In 2012 160 babies were named “Khaleesi” in tribute to “Game of Thrones”” character daenerys Targaryen.

47. William S. Burroughs accidentally killed his wife while trying to shoot a glass off her head.

48. Louisa May Alcott was the first woman registered to vote in Concord, New Hampshire.

49. Neil Gaiman left a career in journalism because of his frustration with newspapers getting away with printing things that aren’t true.

50. P.L. Travers was very displeased with the way Walt Disney handled he film adaptation of “Mary Poppins.”. She hated the music, felt the animated sequences to be pointless, and felt the Mary Poppins character was portrayed as “weak.”