36 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Book Lovers

Looking for a little something special for the book lovers on your list? Fortunately, they’re an easy breed to please. From book lights to book ends, from book marks, to book bags, this list is sure to delight the avid readers in your life.

1. Amazon Gift Cards

The book lover who has everything can always use more books. A gift card fits perfectly in the stocking, too.

2. Head Lamp

Don’t laugh. Head lamps are perfect for under the cover reading, camping, or an evening out on the deck.

3. Kindle Book Light

Not all Kindles are back lit. A book light makes for good reading in bed, without waking the significant other.

4. Thumb Things

Perfect for holding one’s place.

5. Mark My Time Bookmark

For required reading.

6. Keep Calm and Read On Mug

Because nothing goes better with a good book than a nice hot cuppa.

7. Library Card iPhone Case

For the nostalgic reader.

8. Book Darts

A most inconspicuous place marker.

9. Book Charm

A charming addition to any bracelet.

10. Clothepin Book Light

It’s a place holder AND a book light. Multitasking!

11. Book Magic Book Clip & Stand

Holds your book up and open at the same time for those times you need to be hand’s free.

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12. Fingerprint Book Mark

So you never get lost after you’re lost in a book.

13. Typewriter Key Bracelet

Recycling at its finest.

14. Pen Nib Cufflings

You’ll even look literary.

15. Kindle Book Cover

It’ll even make “Shades of Gray” look highbrow.

16. Skeleton Key Bookmark

Because reading opens many doors.

17. Charles Dickens Action Figure

18. William Shakespeare Action Figure

Who will win in a wrestling match? You know you want to.

19.Book Scented Candle

Now it can smell like the real thing, even when you’re reading with your Kindle.

20. A Mark Twain Christmas

Available for both Kindle and hardcover.

21. Novel Tees – Literary quotes on tea bags

For a more thoughtful sipper.

22. Great First Lines of Literature Mug

Coffee reading at its finest.

23. Book Lover’s 2015 Calendar

It’s the gift that gives for 365 days.

24. Jenga Book Lover’s Edition

I’m game.

25. The Book Lover’s Cookbook

Recipes inspired by famous works of literature.

26. Book Lover’s Journal

Why wait until book club to discuss your views?

27. Cocktail for Book Lovers

Like we need an excuse.

28. Trivial Pursuit Book Lover’s Edition

Too big for a stocking, but book lovers will, well, love it anyway.

29. Shakespearean Insult Bandages

For when thou hast a boo boo.

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30. Pride & Prejudice Quote Scarf

It’s a romantic sort of neck warmer.

31. Composition Book Tote Bag

In which to carry your books.

32. Book Wallet

Carry your credit cards in something that says “I read.”

33. Kate Spade Book Clutch

Chic AND literary.

34. My Weekend is All Booked Sweatshirt

For some cozy reading.

35. Daily Prophet Hobo Bag

The photos don’t move, but you’ll be the envy of Muggles everywhere.

36. Harry Potter Inspired Keyring

When wingardium leviosa won’t do.