7 Times Other People Made it Possible for Katniss to Win the 74th Annual Hunger Games

In “The Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins” Katniss Everdeen is portrayed as a brave, badass heroine who beats the odds and emerges as co-victor of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. We’d like to challenge that a bit today.

Warning: “Hunger Games” spoilers ensue.

In case you’re one of the two people who aren’t familiar with “The Hunger Games,” it takes place in an unspecified year well into the future. The United States is now “Panem,” a country made up of a wealthy capitol, and 12 Districts.  Each year, two “Tributes” from each District are “reaped” from a pool of 12 to 17 year olds and brought to the Capitol to fight to the death in the annual Hunger Games. The winner is the survivor.

Except in Katniss’ case, she survived along with her District team mate, Peeta Mellark.

We don’t deny Katniss was brave. After all, she volunteered as Tribute in place of her sister Primrose, who was chosen during the reaping. But was it her bravery and skill that helped her win The 74th Annual Hunger Games? We’er not so sure.

7 Times Other People Made it Possible for Katniss to Win the 74th Annual Hunger Games

1.When Peeta Announced His Undying Love for Katniss

Peeta Melark

Though he’s never officially been given credit for it, Peeta is responsible for his co-victory with Katniss in the 74th Annual Hunger Games. If he didn’t publicly proclaim his undying love for Katniss to Ceasar Flickerman, the “star crossed lovers” from District 12 wouldn’t have been a thing. There wouldn’t have been a co-victory or alliance between Peeta and Katniss because the career tributes wouldn’t have had a reason to keep Peeta alive. They would have killed him in the beginning and sought out Katniss on their own. With no Peeta having her back when she was up that tree, Katniss might not have survived The Hunger Games. Moreover, without the “lovers” storyline, Katniss and Peeta might not have been able to appeal to sponsors to get the necessary medicine needed to heal their wounds and they might have died due to infection.

2. When Katniss Stupidly Ran for the Backpack

Katniss Eberdeen backpack

Haymitch warned Katniss the first few minutes of The Hunger Games would be a blood bath, and that she shouldn’t try to grab any of the weapons or backpacks left at the center of the arena. He urged her instead to run for the woods to hide and find water. Did Katniss listen? Of course she didn’t and was overtaken by the male District 9 candidate who almost took her out then and there. It wasn’t her bravery or skill that saved our girl – it was Clove throwing a knife into the District 9 candidate, – killing him – before setting her sites on Katniss.

3. When the Backpack Caught a Knife

Katniss gets a knife in the backpack

After throwing a knife into the back of the District 9 candidate, Clove set her mark on Katniss. Again, dumb luck saved her when her backpack caught the knife, giving her time to run for the woods.  While it was stupid for Katniss to run for the backpack in the first place, without it she’d be dead in the first five minutes.

4. When Rue Pointed Out the Tracker Jacker Hive

Tracker Jacker Hive

When the career tributes – assisted by Peeta – chased Katniss up a tree, it looked like Katniss was a goner. Except she wasn’t because Rue, the 12 year old Tribute from District 11, was high up in the tree next to Katniss. Rue pointed out a tracker jacker hive high up in Katniss’ tree and indicated Katniss should cut down the hive. Though she was stung a couple of times, Katniss managed to drop the hive on the sleeping career tributes, stinging them with the poisonous venom. Glimmer and the tribute from District 4 lose their lives, and Katniss is credited with the kill — even though it was Rue who spotted the hive and urged Katniss to use it. Make no mistake, It was Rue’s smart thinking that saved Katniss.

5. When Rue brought Katniss to a Safe Place and Healed Her Wounds

Rue Hunger Games

After being stung by tracker jacker venom Katniss passed out. When she woke she was safely hidden and covered in leaves. Rue, the pint-sized District 11 tribute once again saved Katniss by dragging her to a safe place and using leaves to draw out the venom.

6. When Clove Almost Takes Katniss Out…Again

Thresh kills clove

With Peeta almost dying from his wounds, Katniss appeals to the sponsors for medicine. After it’s announced that there are goodies at the center of the arena for all of the remaining tributes, Katniss deems it necessary to see if there if her “package” is medicine to help Peeta.  She heads to the cornucopia in the center of the arena and scopes out the scene to make sure it’s safe. When she sees another tribute grab a bag and run to safety, she follows suit. Except Clove is lying in wait and tackles Katniss with the intention of torturing and then killing her. If not for Thresh, Rue’s District 11 teammate saving Katniss – for Rue – Katniss, again, would have been a goner. It wasn’t Katniss’ bow hunting skills that caused her to get out of this mess, either.

7. When Katniss and Peeta Almost Eat the Berries

Katniss and peeta eat the berries

Thanks to Haymitch and his “star crossed lovers” scenario, Katniss and Peeta were able to emerge victorious as the co-victors of The 74th Annual Hunger Games. Except game officials determined at the very last minute there should be only one winner after all and it was either going to be. Correctly guessing the ‘Games needed a victor to be a success, Katniss suggested they both ingest poison berries. Lo and behold! An announcement comes on announcing Katniss and Peeta victors before they get those berries to their lips. We’ll allow that her quick thinking got Katniss out of this one, but it was a 50-50 chance and could have gone either way.

Sure. There were a few time Katniss’ bow skills got her out of some trouble, but did it save her? No. Because when Katniss found herself facing certain death, it was other people who came to her rescue – whether they intended to save her or not.

Was Katniss the brave badass everyone made her out to be? Or did she survive the Hunger Games thanks to an assist from a few other people. Was it luck rather than skill that saved Katniss Eberdeen in “The Hunger Games?”

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