Book to Film Adaptations for April 2017

Start popping that popcorn, book and movie buffs! April 2017 has a couple much-anticipated book to film adaptations launching.  Whether you’re looking for something to read, something to watch, or both, you can’t go wrong with either of these titles.

Read these books before they hit the theaters this month:

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Lost City of Z

Hitting theaters on tax day eve (April 14), The Lost City of Z stars Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattison, and Sienna Miller. It follows the story of British explorer Percy Fawcett who ventured into the Amazon in 1925 in search of the legendary “Lost City of Z”, never to be seen again, and the journalist who set out to retrace his steps and learn what happened.

The Circle

Dave Eggers riveting novel about a tech company that corners the market in, well, everything, and the intrusive methods and technology they use to gather information on, well, everyone. It stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson.

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