Gift Guide 2015: 21 Fun and Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

What do you get the book lover who has everything? Today’s list goes beyond the usual bookmark or gift card to bring you some truly unique gifts for book lovers.

21 Fun & Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

1. Stair Decals

Display your love of books with every step you take. Some decals like the one pictured above feature quotes from a favorite book, while others, like this series found on Etsy, displays book covers.


2. Romeo & Julienne Cutting Board

Though art a clever punster, Fred & Friends, but your cutting board is sure to delight any literary lover.


3. It Was a Dark & Stormy Night Game

Test your knowledge of the great first lines of literature with a fun board game for literature lovers like you!


4. Bookopoly

Instead of houses and hotels you’ll find bookstores and libraries, and instead of buying property, you’ll buy great works of literature. What lover of books wouldn’t enjoy that?


5. Trivial Pursuit: Book Lover’s Edition

For the loved one who can recite book-related trivia like no one’s business.


6. Literary Book Rest & Light

For the person who needs somewhere to rest a book when laying down to sleep.


7. Book Tent

This clever tent from FieldCandy proves one doesn’t have to lose one’s sense of humor or passion for all things literary simply because one is roughing it.

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8.Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

by Tim Federle

Cocktail recipes with a literary twist.


9. “Drink Me” Hollow Book with Custom Etched Glass Pocket Flask

A curioser and curiouser way of hiding your booze.


10.William Shakespeare Literary Charm Bracelet

Smart and chic!


11.Books and Coffee Earrings

The perfect pairing for a cozy day.


12.Book Lover Reading Themed Charm Bracelet

You can truly wear your heart on your sleeve with this thoughtful gift.


13. Book Worm Wrap Ring

Proudly display your affection.


14. “Go Away, I’m Reading” Mug

For the person who doesn’t want to be bothered.


15. Book Earrings

She’s sure to be touched when she unwraps these adorable earrings.


16.Lightmark Book Mark

Shed some light and save your page. What’s not to love?

17. Card Catalog Filing Cabinet

For those who still remember.

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18. Oxford Dictionary Cell Phone Case

For the spelling police in your life.


19. Vintage Book Kindle Case

For the person who likes the feel of a real book but wants to go electronic.


20. 2016 Book Lover’s Calendar


21. Book Clock

For those who lose track of time because they’re lost in a good book.

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