32 Delightful Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers 2016

We’re happy to, once again, recommend holiday gifts for book lovers. We take gift giving seriously here at Books and Chardonnay and believe presents should be selected with the recipient’s passion and interests in mind. So with that in mind, we’ve taken some time to select gifts book lovers will be thrilled to own.

Hope we gave you some good ideas!

Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers 2016

1. Literary Glass Ornament



For the person who wants to use books as holiday decorations. Available at Amazon Homemade.

2. A Lovely Set of Books




For the person who knows the importance of a good literary display. These book sets and more are available at One King’s Lane.

3. Library of Congress Notecards and Card Catalog Drawer


For the purist. Available at Barnes & Noble.

4. Wine and a Good Book Charm Bracelet


For the person who appreciates the perfect pairing. Available at Amazon Handmade.

5.  Roomy Book Tote


For the person who likes to  take reading on the road. Available at Barnes & Noble.

6. Miniature Book Earrings


For the person who appreciates the perfect accessories. Available at Amazon Handmade.

7. Book Lover Mug


For the person who knows there’s nothing cozier than a book and a cuppa. Available at Amazon Handmade.

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8. An Adorable Book Clutch


For the person who appreciates an accessory that goes with everything. This and other titles available at Amazon Handmade.

9. A Chic, Reading-Themed Bracelet


For the fashion-forward book lover. Available at Amazon.

10. A Writing Journal


For the book lover who also writers. This “Jane-A-Day” journal is available at Amazon.

11. A Banned Books Bracelet


For the booktivist. Found at Amazon.com.

12. Good Book Spoon


To stir your Literary Tea. Available at Amazon.com.

13. A Literary Brooch



So everyone knows how you feel about reading. Found at Amazon.

14. Vintage Book Cufflinks


For the sharp dressed man who doesn’t mind wearing his heart on his sleeve. Found at Amazon.

14. Literary Coasters


The only time coffee rings are allowed. Found at Amazon.

16. Hidden Flask Book Box


Because sometimes you need to bring along a little something-something to help you through the day. Find at Amazon.

17. MacBook Air Vintage Book Case


Because these are awesome. Found at Amazon.

18. You can find a vintage book cover for your favorite tablet too!


For those who still prefer the feel of a traditional book. At Amazon.

19. Book Postcards.


People still send postcards, don’t they?  Available at Amazon.

20. Book Inspired Artwork


For the book lover who isn’t shy about his or her passion.

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21. Literary Scarf


For the person who knows wearing books is just as cozy as reading them. Available at Amazon.

22. Book Worm Ring


For the person who loves books and doesn’t care who knows it. Available at Amazon Homemade.

23. Stacked Books Garden Stool


There’s always a place to share books. Available at Amazon.

24.Stacked Books Ornament


Is there anything more festive than books? At Amazon.

25. Book Lovers Memory Challenge



Invite your book-loving friends over for game night! At Amazon.

26. A Book Lovers Gift Basket


They’ll love you forever. At Amazon.

27. Lap Desk



Because book lovers know there’s nothing better than reading in bed. At Amazon.

28. BookSeat


It’s a book holder AND a travel pillow. I ask you, does it get any better than that? At Amazon.

29. Literary Flash Drive


It makes an adorable stocking stuffer. At Amazon.

30. Olde Book Messenger Bag


You’ll be the envy of everyone at book club. At Amazon.

31. Literary Wonderlands: A Journey Through the Greatest Fictional Worlds Ever Created


Take a journey to the places you read about it books. At Amazon.

32. An Adorable Book Clutch


A date night conversation piece. At Amazon.

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