The 20 Best Jobs for Book Lovers

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Do you love books so much you wish you could be around them all day?  Would you like nothing better than to spend your time – all of your time – reading or talking about books?  Perhaps you can. Books & Chardonnay has compiled a list of the best jobs for book lovers. If you enjoy reading so much you wish you could do it as much as possible, this afternoon’s list is for you!

The 20 Best Jobs for Book Lovers

1. Librarian

Librarians are surrounded by books every day. They get to catalog books, check books in and out, make book recommendations, and do all sorts of bookalicious things. Plus they get to read new books as they come in, lead book discussions, and more.

Learn more: How to Become a Librarian by Jade Hutchens

2. Book Reviewer

If you’re a book reviewer for a newspapers, websites and magazines, not only can you get paid for reading, but you can also receive advanced copies and bestsellers for free. Mind you, publishing companies aren’t always forthcoming with the freebies for unknown, independent reviewers and book bloggers. However, if you can review books for a major name, you’ll find yourselves on more publishers’ lists than you can handle.

Learn More: How to Become a Book Reviewer for Money by C. Ingraham.

3. Literary Agent

Literary agents shop books around to publishers. This means they get to read books long before they’re even on the market. When the book is sold to the publisher, the agent earns a commission. As such, literary agents are extremely choosy about who they take on as clients. Still, it can be an extremely lucrative career – especially if you have land clients who become best sellers.

Learn More: How to Be a Literary Agent: An Introductory Guide to Literary Representation by Richard Mariotti and Bruce Fife

4. Writer

Just about every writer will agree: you can’t be a writer without being a reader. Most writers are avid readers – it’s one of the ways they learn and hone their skills. In fact, in many cases it’s a love of reading that led them to become writers in the first place. Whether you want to write the Great American Novel, book reviews, or simply blog, writing is an awesome way to spend the working day.

Learn More: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

5. Editor

Editors come in all shapes and sizes. An Acquisitions editor brings new authors into a publishing company, while a copy editor tightens up sentences and makes sure the author’s words are presented in a clear, intelligent manner. Whether you want to be an Editor in Chief or someone who corrects headlines, there are editing jobs for every one.

Learn More: How to Become a Freelance Editor by Dustin Schwanger

6. Proofreader

Similar to the copy editor, a proofreader corrects copy before it’s published. All books require proofreading for typos, grammar, and usage. If you’re a grammar nerd who loves reading, this is a terrific way to read books before they’re even published.

Learn More: The Pocket Book of Proofreading: A guide to freelance proofreading and copyediting by William Critchley

7. Audiobook Narrator

How cool would it be to get a job reading aloud? When you narrate books for people to listen to, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Of course there’s a little more to it than that, and you have to have a pleasant, clear, concise reading voice – but you can’t deny it would be an awesome career to have.

Learn More: Audiobook Narrator: The Art of Recording Audio Books by Barbara Rosenblat

8. Teacher

Why not share your literary love with others by teaching? Whether you teach literature, English, or another topic where you can recommend and share books to help shape young minds,  most teachers will agree a love of reading is essential to the job.

Learn More:Road to Teaching: A Guide to Teacher Training, Student Teaching, and Finding a Job by Eric Houghan

9. Book Sales

Working for an independent bookseller, cozy corner bookshop, or online marketplace is a terrific way to learn about new books and recommend them to others. Moreover, you have to read the books in order to recommend them. What better way is there to spend your day?

10. Book Archivist

A book archivist preserves history so future generations can benefit and appreciate the written word. They catalog and store books – both online and offline – electronic and physical copies. The job isn’t as simple as it seems as there is a lot of research involved. This is a job for someone who truly loves books.

11. Book Cover Designer

People can and do judge books by its cover. That’s why it’s so important for each book to have a cover representative of the content inside. Book cover designers read books from their clients and create the best representation possible. And with so many authors always publishing ebooks, the demand for quality book cover designers is high.

Learn More: Book Cover Design Secrets You Can Use to Sell More Books by Derek Murphy

12. Book Binder

Book binders create new books or restore old books. If you love the feel of a hardcover in your hands, or truly appreciate a well put together book, you might be interested in learning more about book binding.

Learn More: Book Binding and the Care of Books by Douglas Cockerell

13. Book Cover Model

Don’t laugh! Fabio made a career out of being a book cover model, and he did pretty well for himself. Seriously though, if you ever pictured yourself adorning the cover of a swashbuckling bodice ripper, go ahead and see what becoming a book cover model entails.

14. Book Blogger

Most book bloggers aren’t paid for their reviews, they only receive free books. If you want to read books and get paid, it’s a bit trickier. Still there are some blogs out there that hire bloggers to review or discuss books.

15. Script Reader

Film and television studios employ script readers to go through scripts and determine if they’re good enough to be developed for film. It’s not an easy gig to get, but if you’re passionate about the written word, good story, and movies, try and get your foot in the door.

Read More: Evaluating Screenplays: How to Analyze and Evaluate Film Scripts by Lucy Scher

16. Book Restoration

I ask you, is there anything sadder than a lovely old book in a state of disrepair? You could make the world a little brighter by choosing a career in book repair.

More Reading: The Care of Fine Books by Jane Greenfield

17. Book Illustrator

Illustrators who specialize in drawing images to best represent the characters and plots in books must first read the books to get a good feel for all. If reading inspires you to create art, this a job as book illustrator is perfect for you.

More Reading: Secrets of a Freelance Illustrator by Mark Dickson 

18. Book Translator

Publishing companies often publish bestsellers in several languages for maximum exposure – and someone has to translate from one language to another. If you’re a linguist and master more than one language you can look into becoming a professional book translator.

19. Researcher

Researchers come in many different shapes and sizes and many different businesses use them. Whether your interest is law, history, music, or you have a general interest, you could make a good living reading books for research purposes.

20. Publishing House Jobs

Publishing jobs abound. Whether you answer phones, work in marketing or P.R., want an editorial position, or wish to work with authors, you can find something of interest at a publishing company. While not all jobs enable you to work with books, the opportunity to receive copies of books to enjoy is there.

The above was a brief look at some of the jobs available for book lovers. We’re sure there are many more out there, and we’ll bring them to you here when we find them. In the mean time, can you think of any more? If so, share in the comments.

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